Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does ReBath refinish tubs and/or sinks?

a. No. ReBath does not refinish or resurface. We offer a lasting solution by replacing items in your bathroom with a high-quality product of your choice. Refinishing and Resurfacing is paint that is sprayed onto your existing tub and/or sink and it is only a temporary solution.

2. How long does it take ReBath to remodel a bathroom?

a. A bathroom remodel all depends on the scope of the work and where you live. The City of Austin requires more permits than any other city in Texas. This can delay a project 2 days. For example: If you live in the City of Austin, a typical tub-to-shower remodel will take 3 to 4 days. A full remodel within the City of Austin can take 4 to 6 days. If you are outside the city limits, a basic tub-to-shower conversion can take 2 to 3 days. A full remodel outside the city limits can take 3 to 5 days.

3. Does the homeowner/customer have to go to the City of Austin to obtain the permits?

a. Absolutely not. ReBath also focuses on making a bathroom remodel easy and convenient for the homeowner/client. If a city requires any permits for a remodel, our permitting team pulls the necessary permits for you.

4. Does Rebath have to obtain permits or can the homeowner request that no permits be pulled on their home for their remodel?

a. Although a significant amount of contractors and remodeling companies choose not to acquire the necessary and required permits because of the City of Austin's strict requirements, it is mandatory that ReBath protects the homeowner as well as our company. Our company chooses to do business lawfully. Thus, permits have to be pulled on your home if the city requires it. However, there are some circumstances in which a city (including the City of Austin) does not require a permit.

5. Does Rebath only remodel tub and/or shower enclosures?

a. No. We specialize in full bathroom remodels. Whether you are wanting a remodel on your tub/shower enclosure only, or wanting a full remodel including, for example, texturing, vanities, flooring, or toilet replacement, every single one of our installers are specially trained in these areas and can accommodate your request.

6. Does ReBath offer payment plans?

a. YES! We offer financing through Wells Fargo Financial. You have many options as to what kind of financing works for you whether it's 0% interest for a specific amount of time or low monthly payments for the life of the balance!

7. Does ReBath warranty the work you do in a bathroom?

a. Absolutely! Everything besides tile installation comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the product as well as the installation! Although we use the highest quality grout for tile installation, grout is a porous product; thus we offer a one-year warranty on tile installation.

8. Does Rebath have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance?

a. Yes we do! We only hire full-time employees to remodel your bathroom, not subcontractors. We don't send random people or the "lowest- bidder" to come do specific work in your bathroom. You can trust that every person who comes to your house is our employee and have been specially trained in all areas. Our clients feel comfort in knowing who is coming into their home and that our work is warrantied!